General Artwork Guidlines -

Artwork can be uploaded, recommended (for express orders) otherwise artwork can be sent via email (up to 20mb) to [email protected] or on CD by post to the4all, Quantum Works , Stourbridge. DY8 3TD.

ALL artwork should be compiled carefully following the artwork spec shown against each product and the guidelines below.
  1. The quality of the artwork supplied will have a direct influence on the print quality of the finished product, low resolution images (below 300dpi at size) will result in a poor quality print. Images obtained from websites are usually low resolution & are not suitable for good results.
  2. The size of the artwork and the positioning of images and text will affect the look of the finished product.
  3. We are not able to alter artwork content, all artwork must be supplied finalised, at the correct size, in one of the accepted formats.
  4. A proof product is manufactured and sent FREE for your approval, however a nominal reset fee is charged when artwork is changed after the first proof, to save time and money, please check your artwork carefully and proof read it before sending it to us (this is especially important when ordering on express service).
  5. Artwork should always be compiled & supplied in CMYK or RGB formats.
  6. All artwork must include bleed* .Do NOT include crop marks or cutter guides (except in a seperate file for custom shape products.
  7. We are not able to accept artwork in Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint or any Microsoft formats, as these types of documents do not carry fonts and formatting, therefore when we open and print them they may not be the same as when you viewed or printed them (please see below for artwork formats accepted).
All artwork must be supplied in one of the following 3 formats
  1. Hi Res PDF file with fonts embedded.
  2. EPS file with all images embedded and all fonts converted to curves (paths).
  3. High resolution JPG bitmap, must be at least 300dpi.

Bleed is extra print outside the finished product size that is cut away during production & should be an extension of the background but with no content required on the finished product. This is to allow for any misregistration of up to + or - 2mm when the product is pressed out.
PLEASE NOTE all critical content (text, logos etc) should be kept at least 3mm inside the intended cut edge of the product (preferably 5mm).

Any artwork received that is not in a suitable format may not be used. If our Job number is not included, we will not be able to use your artwork. We reserve the right to alter, resize or rescale artwork that is not supplied at the correct size, proportion or ratio to fit the product ordered.

If you are having difficulty producing artwork and would like it professionally designed Click Here